Welcome to Behind The Gear! It’s been a while since I worked on this website, but amidst these weird times I was inspired to start this project back up. I’m not going to stick to any predetermined schedule at first, but ideally I’ll have a steady flow of content as time goes on. As you’ll notice, the site has undergone a few changes, notably the URL and layout. It was somewhat unorganized before and the homepage was very in your face, so I’m switching it to this welcome message and the most recent article I’ve released. The entire backlog of articles can still be found under “The Gear” in the top menu, in case you want to revisit any of them. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the site!

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Ben Atkind

Ben Atkind is the drummer of the CT-based jam band Goose. Ben is known for his struggle to grow a proper mustache comparative to his band mates, his immaculate drum playing and lip syncing, and being the heartthrob of all of the sensible Goose fans out there. Ben studied at Berklee and takes his drumming… Continue reading Ben Atkind

Peter Anspach

Header taken by Christian Koerwer Peter Anspach is the guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist of the CT-based band Goose. Formerly of Great Blue, Peter joined Goose at the start of 2018, and Behind The Gear spoke to him shortly after to check in with how he was doing in his new position and get a look… Continue reading Peter Anspach

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton is one of the guitarists of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and lead guitarist of Ghost Light, and is well revered among the community as one of the greats. Tom is a fantastic songwriter, bandleader, and guitarist, but anyone who’s seen him play live can tell you that. I’ve always been interested in his… Continue reading Tom Hamilton