Joe RE 12/29-31/2017

Joe RE is the keyboard wizard of the band Mungion, laying down tasty organ riffs and sweet synth leads on top of his band mates’ funky grooves. He was classically trained before he went to jazz school to major in both jazz studies and music theory/composition, where he met Sean Carolan and Matt Kellen. Some of his major influences include Chick Corea, Beethoven, Debussy, and Cory Henry.


Nord Lead A1 synthesizer
Nord Lead A1.jpg

Nord Electro 3 73 keyboard
Nord Electro 3

Yamaha P-60 piano
Yamaha P-60

Moog Sub-37 synthesizer
Moog Sub37

Korg CX-3 organ

Joe runs this through his Analog Outfitters preamp into a Leslie 147 speaker.Korg CX-3


Joe has a bypass looper for both his Nord Electro 3 and Moog Sub 37, running them into a Roland RE-20 Space Echo, which allows him to turn it on/off separately rather than have it on for both or off for both. All of his keyboards are DI (through a mixer) after the RE-20, except for his Korg CX-3, which runs through an Analog Outfitters preamp into a Leslie 147 rotating speaker.


Leslie 147 Rotating Speaker (housed inside a Leslie 145)Leslie 147

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