Matt Richards 12/30/17

Matt Richards is the keyboardist of Albany-based band Formula 5. Matt is the most recent addition to the band, bringing his prolific songwriting and tasteful keys playing to the fore front of Formula 5’s music. He really shines when he’s playing Clavinet and synth leads, among all of his other skills. Check out his playing on Formula 5’s recent live release from last year’s Black Friday show.


Korg SV-1

Nord Electro 2 73

“When it comes to the Korg SV-1 and Nord Electro 2, there really isn’t much involved in my patches beyond what the provided tones are; I’m way more grounded by those instruments. It’s the Microkorg where I truly alter the sound to try to create a new tone every night.”

Korg Microkorg synthesizer

Matt finds the customization of the Microkorg inspiring saying, “For the Microkorg, most patches I use were created by initializing the patch and creating my desired tone from scratch. I am definitely most partial to polyphonic tones, which I heavily use for soundscapes within jams. One of my favorite usages of my patches, either subtly during a soundscape section or during the peak of a jam, is to increase both the delay time and delay depth but roll back the delay time to create a sort of mechanical sound that increases in pitch. Sometimes I will incrementally roll back the delay time with brief “pivots” to make a sound similar to an engine changing gears.”


(Left) Unknown sustain pedal – organ rotary on/off [Nord]

(Middle) Roland EV-5 expression pedal – volume for organ/ wah for clav [Nord]

(Right) Korg sustain pedal [Korg SV-1]

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