Peter Anspach 1/19/18

Peter Anspach is the rhythm guitarist and keys player for Connecticut-based band Goose. Peter just recently joined Goose after spending some time in the band Great Blue, and had to relearn how to play keys for this new endeavor. He lays down funky clav licks and masterful rhythm playing, as well as taking some ripping solos when the chance arises. Check out this video of the Syracuse show, courtesy of the band.


2011 Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II


Moog Sub Phatty & Nord Electro 5D

The Sub Phatty goes through a Boss DD-7


Supro Coronado 1690 2×10 35W Combo


Signal Chain- TCE Polytune 2 > Dunlop GCB-95 Wah > Whammy 5 > Analogman King of Tone > EHX Small Stone > Boss CE-2w Chorus > Strymon Flint Reverb/Tremolo > Boss DD-20 Giga Delay (w/ external tap tempo) > Eventide Space (w/ Moog EP-3 to control mix)

Interview Photo credit to Derek Jones photography

Behind the Gear: How has your time on the road with Goose been so far?

Peter Anspach: Goose has been amazing! Though its only been a few weeks, I’m feeling very at home with the guys and the material. There’s a major focus on vocals with this band, so I’ve been singing all the time, almost to the point of it slipping into conversations haha. The switching between guitar, keyboards and vocals is all new to me too and has had my brain going at mach 5 on stage.

BTG: What is the one pedal on your board you couldn’t live without?

PA: I love reverb. For both lead and rhythm, my Eventide Space pedal is “the one”. It covers all boundaries, including a number of different verbs, like reverse w/ added delay and its patented, “Blackhole” verb. It also has 100 presets which you can name for added lol’s on stage. some of mine are “88 MPH” and “Bowl O Jelly” (I’ve customized about 20).

BTG: I noticed you use an Analogman King of Tone, do you think it lives up to the hype?

PA: I can’t say enough about how amazing Analogman pedals are, and The King of Tone is an outstanding drive pedal. The two stages of drive as well balanced – I use the yellow side (clean boost) all the time when I want a crunchy rhythm sound, and the hi-gain side is perfect for getting a screaming lead sound, while still preserving the tone of the guitar, unlike a compressed drive (which are also awesome – I have a TS9 as well and love it).

BTG: We talked about how you just started relearning how to play the keys; how has your experience been with that, and why did you pick the keyboards you picked?

PA: I took a few lessons in college and when I was growing up, but once I got the call to be in Goose, I started hitting the keys pretty hard for several hours a day to get back into shape. I’ve been lucky to get a lot of great advice from my keyboard playing friends since making the move, that led me to getting a Nord and a monitor for myself (just for the keyboards) so they don’t have to come through my vocal monitor. The Nord has been stellar. It covers so many sounds in a small package and the action feels great. I also rock a Moog Subphatty for some synth leads. Did you know Moog’s are all made by hand? I went to the factory, it was pretty incredible to meet the 4 people who assemble every minimoog.

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