About the site: This site was created for the sole purpose of being the place people would come to find out about artist’s gear. It was inspired by treysguitarrig.com and Premier Guitar’s Rig Rundown series. All of the information and pictures provided on this site come straight from the musicians themselves!

About me: I’m a gear nerd through and through, I’ve been obsessed with pedals, guitars, and the like for the last decade. As I made my way through my teenage years I became more knowledgable about the aforementioned topics and eventually made my way into the position of guitar tech for the band Aqueous. I’ve also worked with Goose and lespecial throughout the last few years as guitar tech and thoroughly enjoyed what that journey has entailed. This site is not only to discuss the gear of artists, but to give an insight into their personalities and their reasoning behind specific gear choices. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to: My parents, for supporting this whole project from the get-go. Pete Mason, who mentored me through starting a website and becoming a journalist. My uncle Andrew that helped me get this thing of the ground again. All of the artists that have agreed to interviews for BTG, since this wouldn’t be a real thing without them.